Golf Lessons for All Ages
and Skill Levels


The Phil Cornetta Golf School teaching philosophy is simple: "Build an on-plane and fundamentally sound swing around each student's physical characteristics such as flexibility, body structure, strength and athletic ability."

Phil’s innovative approach to teaching, his great communication skills and his blend of technology and drills are what make him one of the premier golf instructors in Massachusetts. Phil has been teaching golf for over 12 years, is a PGA Certified Teaching Professional, and has taught over 10,000 golf lessons. Phil uses the most up to date technology from V1 Golf in combination with high speed cameras for video analysis, a FlightScope 3D doppler radar(launch monitor) and innovative drills and training aids for all of his lessons. "My goal is to offer the highest quality instruction available. The difference between a good golfer and a great golfer is the quality of their coaching."

More about the technology Phil uses in his lessons:

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FlightScope X2 is the world’s first completely wireless, battery-operated, 3D Doppler tracking radar for golf. The X2 is known for its unmatched accuracy and revolutionary applications providing side-by-side video and club or ball data comparisons. FlightScope is the most advanced teaching and club fitting tool available today.


The V1 Digital Coaching System is the #1 video analysis software available today specifically designed for golf and analyzing golf swings. V1 Golf features a suite of drawing tools, video trim and playback options. It allows Phil to record and analyze your swing or compare it side-by-side to Tour Professionals.

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