Junior Lessons - Ages 12 and Under

As a child grows and matures, he or she should perform physical activities on a daily basis. The Phil Cornetta Golf School follows the Long-Term Athletic Development model. The model centers on the Ten Year Rule and the building of fundamental movement skills. 

1. Active Start (ages 0-6)
2. FUNdamentals (ages 6-9) 
3. Learning to Train (ages 9-12) 
4. Training to Train (ages 11-16) 
5. Training to Compete (ages 15-18) 
6. Training to Win (ages 18+) 
7. Active for Life

Each stage requires that the child achieve a proficiency of movement before he or she can progress to the next stage. In order for the child to achieve his or her full potential, he or she must master the fundamental movement skills associated with each stage. 


Junior Private Lessons
$50 for a 30-minute lesson
$85 for a 45-minute lesson

Junior Semi-Private Lessons (2 people)
$100 for a 1 Hour Lesson ($50 per person)
$285 for a 3 Lesson Series
$450 for a 5 Lesson Series

Junior Group Lessons (3 or more people)
$50 per person for a 1 Hour Lesson
$45 per person/per lesson for a 3 Lesson Series
$40 per person/per lesson for a 5 Lesson Series

For more information or to schedule a lesson:

Email phil@philcornettagolf.com
Call 978-337-5875

All lesson series or gift certificates must be used or completed within one year of purchase date. There is a 48 hour cancellation policy. Failure to notify will result in deduction of 1 lesson from the series.